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Shot From The Sky Movie Download In Hd

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a5c7b9f00b Shot from the Sky tells the real life saga of B-17 pilot Roy Allen. Shot down over occupied France. Befriended by the French Resistance, betrayed to the Nazis, Roy becomes one of one-hundred and sixty-eight Allied airmen who are imprisoned at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. In the heart of the Nazi Empire. In the most deadly place on Earth. The only thing that can keep them alive is each other.
Roy Allen&#39;s story is well told in this documentary. For those interested in finding out more and also putting it in the context of other airmen who were with Roy in Buchenwald you might check out the book published by Art Kinniss and Stan Booker (two other survivors) titled &quot;168 Jump Into Hell.&quot; Art is still alive (December 2008) as is Joe Moser who also survived and whose story is now being written as &quot;Joe Moser: Buchenwald Flyboy.&quot;<br/><br/>Roy was one of the few who got left behind when the main group was rescued from Buchenwald on October 20, 1944 because he was still in the hospital. He was very fortunate considering what happened to many in that hospital. I agree with a previous commenter that while the story focuses on Buchenwald and the treatment there, the five day train ride in cattle cars and then the death march from Stalag Luft III in minus 28 degree weather was as torturous and dangerous as perhaps anything else. Another important detail is the August 24 raid of 129 B-17s on Buchenwald that these guys miraculously escaped from–an exceedingly close call.
* What I have to say below does not contain a spoiler. I made a few general references to a some key events in the story. These references compel people to watch the movie and encourage others to discuss these comments…<br/><br/>&quot;Gripping&quot; is a far understated reference to the hold this story has on the viewer. Hollywood has spoiled us on foreshadowing to the point of cynicism, but the twists in this story eliminate all that. In fact, the twists never seem to end and once again it can be said that fiction has no grip like the truth.<br/><br/>The strength of this presentation is in its portrayal of the horror of life in Nazi-occupied Europe and the mentality of those who proudly served Hitler. When our elders tell us this war was terrifying, movies like this really bring home the message.<br/><br/>On the critical side, because this presentation makes the Buchenwald infirmary experience the turning point in the story, Allen&#39;s transfers throughout Germany are dismissed, and his liberation and reunification with his wife become anticlimactic. The danger is that the story becomes fixated on the horror Allen faced and not what was important to Allen.<br/><br/>I would like to know more about what motivated Allen and why he pushed himself to endure his hardships. I would like to know what others thought about Allen. Furthermore, I would also like to know more about the Luftwaffe officer and prison camp medic who showed Allen incomparable kindnesses. I suspect more could be said about Allen&#39;s French protector.<br/><br/>Likely these things are in the book, but aspects of these could have been written into the movie script. Nevertheless, these thoughts in no wise detract from a compelling story that can compete with major Hollywood movies of a similar subject.

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